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Site Questions:  
What's the difference between medical specialty and disease state areas?  
The program includes on-line Courses in 2 medical specialties: Gastrointestinal (GI) and Liver. Courses are organized by disease state modules within a medical specialty; e.g. HBV, HCV within Liver; IBD,IBS within GI).  
Do I have to complete Courses in both medical specialty areas?  
No. However, if you wish to receive a Certificate of Completion you will need to complete all of the Courses and sections within one medical specialty module.  
Do I have to complete all of the Courses?  
No, you can take only the Courses that are of interest to you.  
Do I have to take the Course sections in order?  
No, you may take any Course section at any time and in any order.  
How do I view my progress within a specific Course?  
Once you are logged in, go to the Course Library and click on a Course title. Once you have entered the Course, it will show you which sections of the Course you have completed.  
Will I have to keep track of which Courses I have completed?  
No, we will track what you have completed.  
How do I view my overall progress?  
Your progress within the Curriculum program will be listed on your profile page when logged in.  
How long will it take to complete?  
This is an online educational tool, so Courses can be taken at your own pace. Courses are delivered in webcast format and typically last from 30-90 minutes each.  
What do I receive at the end?  
If you are just taking individual courses, you will receive CME credits when you complete all of the sections within that Course. If you complete all of the Courses in one medical specialty area you will receive a Certificate of Completion for that medical specialty.  
How do I receive CME credits?  
After completing all sections and post tests (80% or better score) within a Course, you will receive CME credit for the Course.  
Course content Questions:  
What are the requirements to receive the Advanced Practicum Certificate?  
You must complete all of the Courses within one medical specialty area (i.e. Gastrointestinal or Liver) to receive a Certificate of Completion. You must receive an 80% passing grade or better on each of the post tests to complete the Course.  
What are the requirements for a Clinical Workshop training opportunity?  
An individual must successfully complete all Courses and post tests for a minimum of four educational modules and received the appropriate Certificates of Completion to become eligible for a Clinical Workshop training opportunity. Required modules can be selected from Courses in GI, liver, or both. Interested candidates will also be required to be a graduate from an accredited NP or PA school before serious consideration for a workshop opportunity.  
How do I apply for a Clinical Workshop training opportunity?  
Once you have met these requirements for a Clinical Workshop training opportunity, you may choose the geographic area of interest from the map located in the Clinical Workshop webpage and our client services department will contact you with the details and next steps.  
Position Related Questions:  
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